The Sexiest Men in (Primarily Punk) Rock, Part 2

Good god, I was supposed to finish this up ages ago, but sometimes life gets in the way of lascivious list making. Part one, which includes my nods to Mick Collins, Guy Piccioto and more, is over here.

Photo by Rabid Child Images

Pearl Dragon from Champagne Champagne--All three men that make up one of Seattle's most endearing and shamelessly determined hip hop outfits are fiercely intelligent, wise-cracking cuties, but Pearl stands out on his own, thanks to a set of perpetually sparkling eyes that convey his enthusiasm for his craft the instant you meet him. The kid obviously loves life, which is always attractive, plus his hair cannot be fucked with.

Photo of Arlie Carstens by C. Connolly

Juno's Arlie Carstens--As one of this city's most mesmerizing performers (until moving to L.A. in 2004), Juno's lead singer was the sort of vocalist that never did anything half-assed, engaging with his material in a way that made audiences hang on every tortured lyric. That sort of deeply anchored, unwavering commitment is undeniably appealing, and off-stage he was always a graceful, intelligent conversationalist with a mildly manic, endearingly goofy side. Plus, as many a sexually savvy lady in this city and beyond has noted, the guy's hands are ENORMOUS. Say no more.


Greg Cartwright-- (center, above)-The former frontman for the Oblivians, the Compulsive Gamblers and current leader of the Reigning Sound is essentially what you might get if Jon Spencer had grown a bit as an artist and cared more about displaying unfiltered passion than theatrical flash. He may not be conventionally handsome, but if you think there's no such thing as too much guitar and sensitive, soulful punk served raw turns your crank, this is your guy.

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