Pop Quiz: Hippie or Hipster?

After spending two straight weekends at the Gorge -- first experiencing The Dead/Allman Brothers (May 16), then Sasquatch, with bands like Grizzly Bear, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Monotonix -- we couldn't help but notice the difference in the crowds that turned out for each show. Can you??? Think you know your Allman Brothers hippie from your garden variety Sasquatch hipster? Take our test over here. The answers are below. But, it's no fair cheating. So, have a Pabst (or three) and get ready to stereotype.

Remember, you must take the quiz before reading the answers below.

Picture 1. You probably saw them at Sasquatch. Total. Hipsters.

2. Hipster

3. Hipster

4. Hippie

5. Another hipster.

6. Hippie

7. Hipster

8. Hippie

9. Hipsters

10. Hippie

11. Hipster

12. Hippie

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