Live Music Round Up: Sasquatch Pre-Funk Edition

Just one for you today: the Sasquatch pre-funk at the Crocodile with Doves and Wild Light (pictured). Doves are playing Sasquatch; Wild Light, a New Hampshire band, is not. Wild Light's songs have the kind of sensitive, earnest indie pop sound that made bands like the Strokes and the Killers international acts, which is why it's not a huge surprise that Wild Light just finished up a tour opening for the Killers. Oh, who am I kidding? These guys sound like Killers redux. Which isn't altogether bad-- there are definitely worse bands to mimic. But the main attraction here is Doves. It's an awesome English indie pop band who put out a handful of solid pop releases, went out with a bang on 2005's Some Cities, then disappeared from the scene until, to the relief of myself and a lot of other bewildered fans, abruptly popped back in with Kingdom of Rust, which came out last month. That show begins at 8 p.m. and costs $20.

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