Last Night: The Debut of Church at The Crocodile

Depending on your religion, the thought of going to church is often associated with Sunday mornings. That's when a lot of folks go and soak up a little spirituality -- listen to some music, spend money, and hopefully walk away feeling better than they did before showing up. Well, based on that description alone, it only makes sense Marcus Lalario and his crew at The Council would come up with a new club night for Sunday evenings to hopefully give party-goers that same feeling.

It's called Church and it's going to be at The Crocodile every Sunday night featuring a solid crew of rotating DJs: Soul One, Fourcolorzack, and Nostalgia B playing a wide mixture of cuts from old school hip-hop to electro, soul, and breaks. Last night was the kick-off event and things initially started off slowly. By 11:30 there were only 30 or 40 folks hanging out as Soul One dropped all type of classic jams by Parliament Funkadelic, Nas, and k-os. Dude even played "Don't Give me no Bammer" by RBL Posse. Slowly, more people started coming out, and around midnight the offensive line for the Seattle Seahawks walked in the bar. I don't know them all by name, but I do know Walter Jones was on the dance floor top rocking and halfway breakdancing not 10 minutes after walking in the place. Choklate also came out for a little while as did most of the Circle of Fire and Massive Monkees b-boy crews. It was a good opening night and I highly recommend people going to check it out over the next few Sundays.

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