K'naan Opens for Matisyahu June 24 at The Moore

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For anyone who missed K'naan's show at Neumos this past March, you'll get another chance to check out the Somali global pop star when he returns to Seattle on June 24. He'll be opening up for Hasidic reggae star Matisyahu who'll be in town promoting his new album, Light, which drops this summer. Some folks are already questioning why it's not the other way around with Matisyahu opening up for K'naan -- especially since K'naan's got more juice at the moment and the city has such a sizable East African community. But when you really think about it, Matisyahu is still a bigger name and since he's got an upcoming album to promote, he gets to close the show.

A part of me is already envisioning what The Moore is going to look like on the night of the show with a crowd full of Jewish folks and Muslims (hopefully dancing together) which could make for a great night of music. That's the optimistic approach at least. Of course, it could be a divided house entirely but let's hope folks show up to support both of these amazing musicians as they share their craft with Seattle on the same stage. The power of it is really important and it almost seems passive to think of it as just a music performance. It's a chance to bridge and celebrate cultures through music and that's a beautiful thing. And if these two find a way to perform a couple of songs or freestyles together (which I'm hoping that they will), that's when the real magic of the night is going to manifest.

Tickets for the show are $30 and you can purchase them online at The Moore's website.

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