If the Feds Wanted to Drive You Out of a Sit-In, What Song Should They Blast on Repeat?

So just for fun, because it's Monday at 3 and I know your head's in the clouds, let's say you're not at work or school at all, but camped out in a federal building with a bunch of other idealistic saps, linking arms and singing "We Shall Overcome." The Man has carried out a law or act you find so egregious that you have opted to lock yourself in a building for an indefinite period of time with a bunch of other human beings you may or may not actually like, but whose opinions you happen to share on this one incredibly important topic (which I won't try to choose for you.)

Now imagine that the Man and his uniformed stooges are out there, scheming and trying to figure out a way to get you and your cohorts to evacuate the building without bloodshed, since you and your fellow activists managed to occupy the building peacefully. In this scenario, even tear gas isn't an option, because you and your cohorts are such awesome, well-organized activists that you have not only taken over a federal building peacefully, but have somehow managed to board up every conceivable structural orifice through which the Man might've gassed you. And since this is America and some reporters are hopefully outside the building making sure things are kept kosher, i.e. legal, the government/large sinister corporation can't just mow your asses down, either.

So what do they do? Blast some godawful music over and overand over again until you run out of the building shrieking, "I can't take it anymore! We give up!"

I don't know how I got to thinking about this, but I'm pretty sure that music has been used for the sinister purpose of breaking up protests before. So I ask you: What song would the Feds have to blast on repeat to get you out of a sit-in as fast as possible? I don't know about you, but my vote goes to that horrible Flo Rida cover of "Right Round." Seriously, they'd only have to play it once and I'd be begging the cops to arrest me just so I could get out of earshot.

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