Not to beat the dead horse that is the recession, but uh, we all know times are tough. And even if they weren't, we understand


Five Weekend Shows for $5 and Under

Not to beat the dead horse that is the recession, but uh, we all know times are tough. And even if they weren't, we understand that not everyone wants to drop $20 on a show, because neither do we. Why do you think we got into this business? Therefore, we're starting a new weekend feature in addition to my regularly-scheduled show recommendations. Every Friday, we'll be offering up five decent weekend shows that we actually think you'll enjoy that cost no more than $5 for admittance (you're on your own for alcohol, but I've got two words for you: bathroom bartender.) So without further ado, here are this week's picks (Darrius Willrich, the guy in the photo, plays a free show at the SeaMonster Lounge on Saturday night).

Northwest Folklife Festival is happening all weekend, and while they're asking for a $10/day donation, times are tough, and the festival is technically free to all.


Blue Skies for Black Hearts and a '45s DJ competition at Comet Tavern, 7:30 p.m., $5

DJ battles are always badass (that '45s battle at Trinity was lots of fun), and in addition to that, here's Paige Richmond on why we love Blue Skies for Black Hearts:

If there's one thing Blue Skies for Black Hearts is known for, it's quality song writing. The Portland four piece crafts music like a real, honest-to-goodness garage band: Full of pop and reverb, with "ooohs" and "ahhhs" as backing vocals. It's the same guitar formula that made the Beatles famous, with the same sort of indie sensibility that made Clap Your Hands Say Yeah an Internet sensation. Utterly listenable and ultimately infectious, Blue Skies lives up to its slightly optimistic band name. The songs off this year's Serenades and Hand Grenades question love and loss to an upbeat tempo, making it nearly impossible to feel anything but uplifted while listening to this band. Which is good thing, because there's way too much bad shit happening these days to let music be depressing, too.

One Million Teeth, Thorstone, Charles Leo Gephardt IV at Blue Moon Tavern, 10 p.m., $5

Shows at the Blue Moon were once free, but times are changing. Still, $5 is a nice price to pay to see Thorstone, a See Me River side project that fans of SMR will probably dig. http://cdn.soundpublishing.com/reverb/2009/02/thorstones_good_mourning_ameri.php

The Corner with the Physics, Specs, Yze, Junk Yard Gang, DJ Nphrared, Billy the Fridge at Jewelbox, 10:30 p.m., $5

Not only does the Corner's late start time leave plenty of room for a cheap at-home pre-funk, this monthly regularly features some of our best local hip hop talent, and all for a mere $5.


Darrius Willrich at SeaMonster Lounge, 10 p.m., FREE

Andrew Matson, who now writes for The Seattle Times, wrote this about Darrius before a show of his at the Triple Door:

Keys-and-voice guy Darrius Willrich does "grown and sexy" R&B with semi-hard beats, kind of like Quiet Storm hip hop. It's a mature style, churched-up and with a jazzy edge, and takes urban sounds to warm, elegant heights. Not elegant NEW heights, mind you--female Seattle sensation Choklate delivers similar music to audiences all across town, sometimes with Willrich on stage--but it's still top-shelf soul. It's also all-local, from schooling (Willrich went to Cornish) to producing (backdrops are courtesy local guy Vitamin D, an erstwhile hip hop star) to recording (across the street from The Seattle Times, at the Woodshed on Fairview).

M. Bison, the Dead Americans, Simon Kornelis at Skylark Cafe, 9 p.m., FREE

And no, I am NOT just recommending this because (full disclosure) Simon Kornelis just happens to be the brother of our Web Editor Chris Kornelis. I am recommending this show because M. Bison makes straightforward, pleasant pop music that fans of artists like Ben Folds will probably enjoy. Which is a good thing coming from me.

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