Blogs buzzing about Sunny Day reunion

On the same day former lead singer Jeremy Enigk releases a solo album, rumors are continuing to circulate that Sunny Day Real Estate will reunite this year.

The rumors are nothing new; they started back in 2006, when Enigk told MTV News that a reunion was "tempting." But for the past few days, those rumors have become more and more specific. Cheryl Waters mentioned the rumor on KEXP earlier this week, stating that a reunion was likely by the end of the year.

Now, KEXP DJ Marco Collins -- who also organized Enigk's private preview show at the Triple Door Monday -- is adding fuel to the fire. This morning, he Twittered this:

"Sunny Day Real Estate @ Bumbershoot? Fact or fiction?"

Ear Candy picked up on the message, calling Collins a "credible source" and stating that it was likely the band would, in fact, play at Bumbershoot. Lineout made a similar, more cautious speculation this morning.

But that message has now been removed from Collin's Twitter page, making the possibility of a reunion even more mysterious. What gives? Any out there think it's likely this reunion would happen? How do the band's previous break-ups and make-ups factor in?

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