Your Weekly Dose of American Idol's Adam Lambert

Guest mentor Jaime Foxx was moved to tears after hearing Adam Lambert perform a rousing rendition of Sammy Davis Jr.'s "Feeling Good" during last night's "Rat Pack" themed episode of American Idol. (I haven't the slightest idea why Foxx was chosen to represent the Rat Pack era, but whatever.) The important thing to note is that this is twice now in two weeks that Adam has made somebody cry by simply being, well, amazing.

Donning a white suit and diamond stud earrings, Adam sashayed like a Victoria's Secret model down a pink staircase and stormed across the stage in front of a thrilled audience. And per usual routine, he effortlessly demonstrated his star quality. The other Idol "contestants"--you know, those four other people on the show that the judges are still pretending have a shot at winning--must want to kill him.

If I sound obsessed, it's because I am. And it turns out I'm in good (and international) company. Since last week, I've gotten a barrage of e-mails from people overseas begging me to vote on their behalf. I obliged and voted for Adam 10 times last night. (This shit better not jack up my phone bill.)

I suppose he is worth a couple of my dollars though. Watch Adam's killer performance from last night and see for yourself.

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