Why April 9th is Turning into Such a Musical Clusterfuck

Budos Band 2.jpg
The Budos Band plays Neumos April 9th
I normally like it when there's a bunch of cool stuff happening on the same night. Especially if it's a Thursday as that's usually a great way to extend the weekend. But this upcoming Thursday, April 9th has the potential to pull me in various directions and I don't know how I feel about it. So I'm putting my feelers out now to see what people are most excited about.

For fans of Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings style retro funk, the Budos Band is in town at Neumos that night. The group is signed to the Daptone label and a few of your favorite musicians who tour with Sharon Jones are in Budos as well. That means if you've got a penchant for dirty funk and soul music that leaves you dancing and sweating all night long, then catching the Budos Band (who sound like the JB's teamed up with Afrika 70) in concert is something you don't want to miss.

The Roots2.jpg
You probably already know that the Roots are playing at The Paramount the same night. As far as hip-hop goes, these guys are the ultimate for me and I can't imagine missing the show. I'm guessing there are various people out there who feel the same way, but there's a lot going on Thursday and it's not a given that everyone who loves this band will be at the show.

mad rad.jpg
What could keep someone from attending the Roots you ask? Well, finances is one of them. These are tough times and since tix to see Philadelphia's finest are $35 and up, if you want to get your hip-hop fix on without dropping so much coin, you can check out Mad Rad (pictured above) at the Columbia City Theatre the same night. For a recession friendly price of $5, you get to see Fresh Espresso, DJ Swervewon, Gran Rapids, and of course, Mad Rad, doing their thing all night long.

If hip-hop isn't your thing, Britney Spears will be at the Tacoma Dome trying to keep her pussy cooter from hanging out. Although she's known to be a trainwreck on stage, her fans are legion and this show is going to be lively no matter what. Expect pyrotechnics and cheesy pop galore, which realistically, a lot of people love to no end.


At the opposite end of the Britney spectrum, you've got Duff McKagan's Loaded playing their album release party at The Crocodile on the same evening. Duff's band brings a welcomed dose of four-to-the-floor style hard rock back into the fray. If you haven't heard Loaded before, don't expect some cross between early Guns and late Velvet Revolver. The foursome are a rock entity unto themselves and their solid new disc, Sick, is worth hearing played live. Especially on a sound system like the one at The Crocodile.

Of course, if you don't give a damn about music, you can always go to The Saint, my favorite tequila party in Seattle, as they'll be celebrating their one year anniversary with a party on April 9th as well. Word is there will be a Mariachi band (yes, live music after all) and lot's of mescal and tequila to drink.

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