So My Interview With Fucked Up Got, Well, Fucked Up

In my blogged interview with Damian Abraham, the super-charismatic lead singer of Fucked Up, I noticed that somehow, the bottom 3/4 of my interview disappeared. I do, you know, read my posts before I put them up, and am totally baffled as to how this happened. But I also left the post open afterward (I'm one of those 8 million tabs open at once kind of people)...and I still have no idea how the mechanics of all this worked out, but there it is. And I was dismayed to see it, because all the best parts of the interview-- when Damian talks about his love for Lil Wayne, and who he thinks is the best MC ever (it's not Lil Wayne), when he talks about going on FOX News' Red Eye show...interview gold, and it's just been festering in some Internet netherworld for two days.

That said, if any of you were wondering why the interview ended in mid-sentence, there's your answer. Fortunately, I have ameliorated this problem, so you can now go read the rest if you want and see if you're not totally jonesing to talk to this guy for an hour yourself. No wonder they want him to co-host an hour of Red Eye on April 21.

Anyway, the point is: go see Fucked Up live tonight at Neumos, because it will be righteous.

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