I've Been Listening to the Tea Cozies, Destroyer, Partman Parthorse

The Tea Cozies, pictured on your left courtesy of David Craig

You may have gotten a taste of the Tea Cozies' upcoming record, Hot Probs, if you've been listening to a lot of KEXP; specifically, I keep hearing the song "Corner Store Girls." It's a downright intoxicating garage pop song that reminds me a lot of Saturday Looks Good To Me, whose song "Underwater Heartbeat" makes me want to shimmy my shoulders just like "Corner Store Girls" does. Except that there are no trumpets involved in The Tea Cozies' stuff (there is an organ, though). Point is, "Corner Store Girls" will definitely be part of my summertime sunshine music repertoire. I don't know if The Tea Cozies are going to take the music world by storm, exactly, but these guys are at least as good as Saturday Looks Good To Me (and have better singing voices), so I'm hoping for the best.


I do not have Destroyer's latest record, Trouble In Dreams, yet (but just you wait until I get my next paycheck, or more likely, Record Store Day, which is this Saturday.) That said, I have been listening to my two favorite Destroyer records, Destroyer's Rubies and Thief pretty much nonstop for the past couple weeks to prepare myself for Dan Bejar's upcoming show at the Croc in May. Though it's an old one, my all-time favorite Destroyer song is still "Queen of Language" from Thief. I know, I know-- I have a hard-on for guys with nasal voices. But Dan Bejar's songwriting has always been compelling to me because I am a sucker for a clever turn of phrase. And Dan Bejar's phrases turn cleverer than most anyone else making music right now. But I think the main reason I have listened to that song about fifty bazillion times involves that gorgeous organ breakdown. I am also a sucker for a nice organ......um. You know what I meant, you silly leches.

Anyway, I went to Merge Records' website to see what I could see and found that Destroyer had offered up this lovely little ditty, "Madame Butterflies," for free download in celebration of Record Store Day. It will, of course, also be available as a 7", courtesy of your friendly local wax peddlers, starting on Saturday. If you register on Merge Records' website, you can download it for yourself.

Partman Parthorse

I've been thinking a lot about possible zombie movie soundtracks for the short zombie movie that I will someday finish, and while I was considering going with Dead Moon all the way through (like, could Fred Cole screeching, "Dead moon night! Dead moon night!" as zombies attack be any more fucking perfect for the eerie occasion?) but Partman Parthorse pulls off this really creepy vibe that has serious horror movie potential. Usually, I listen to their record Year Of The Jerk when I need some motivation to get my ass out of the house. Which is often. And when I was trying to sleepily stagger my way to the shower, zombie-like, I thought, "Maybe this is the sleep deprivation talking, but I think it would be humorous to have "Significant Bummer," playing in the background as someone gets their head ripped off by a zombie. " Thoughts, anyone? Suggestions? Let me know. Most of the DIY zombie flicks I've seen have had been sullied with truly awful soundtracks. I aim to break this vicious cycle. Lloyd Kaufman, you know you want in on this.

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