Goin' on Tonight!

If I were in Seattle this evening, I'd be checking out Noise for the Needy's Festival Season Kickoff Party at Woodshed Studios (located on the corner of Fairview and East Thomas). The show tonight features DJ Chrispo (Studio 66), Truckasaurus, Erik Blood, Exohxo, Origami Ghosts and Solomon Giorgio. It's a 21+ show, with a mere $6 cover and begins with a free happy hour from 6 PM-9 PM.

The 2009 Noise for the Needy benefit takes place June 10th-14th and features 1990s, Art Brut, The Constantines, Grand Archives, Crystal Antlers and Throw Me The Statue, a lineup so excellent I'll be booking a ticket to Seatown the minute this posts.


Snow angels 1990s' style!

With a great mix of international indie and some of my favorite locals like the Whore Moans and Grant Olsen, this perfectly booked event gives you something to look forward to every freakin' night! Cheers kids!

If you're not familiar with Scottish cuties 1990s, here's what I had to say about them back in 2007;

"Hi, Franz Ferdinand? It's the Clash. Yeah, baby, how you doin'? That's good, that's good. Well, baby, let's get down to the point. I've been feelin' you, and I know you've been feelin' me, so how 'bout tonight we get together. First, I'll take you out for a sumptuous meal and plentiful libations, then I'm gonna lay you down by the fire and make sweet, sweet love to you all night long. That's right, there will be a little feedback, and I'm goin' rub that feedback alllllllllllll over, then I'll throw in a sweet solo. Recognize it? It's a lil' somethin' I borrowed from the Strokes. Not implyin' you've been around, baby, that ain't the case. You're fresh baby, so fresh. . . . " Nine months later, 1990s' insatiably catchy single "You're Suppose to Be My Friend" is born. It goes on to sell beer, cars, and iPods for the next century.

Check them out here.

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