Duff McKagan's column runs every Thursday on Reverb. Loaded plays the Crocodile on Thursday, April 9. Doors are at 8 p.m. and tickets are $10.


Duff McKagan: Croc and Loaded

Duff McKagan's column runs every Thursday on Reverb. Loaded plays the Crocodile on Thursday, April 9. Doors are at 8 p.m. and tickets are $10.
I think by now that anyone who reads this column is pretty damn sure I play in a band that doesn't carry the history of GN'R or the current popularity of Velvet Revolver. No, I am in one band that, while actually staying together LONGER that any of those previous bands, remains popular only in our own comical minds. Yes, I refer to this band of excellent gentlemen somewhat aptly dubbed LOADED.

On April 7 we're releasing Sick, our first record in some eight years. To start things off we wanted to keep it real and keep it local. The Crocodile has been so kind as to let us play on Thursday, April 9. Many thanks to Susan Silver, Sean Kinney, and Eli the booker. I for one cannot thank this crew enough. Playing the first gig of our world tour right here in town seems apropos--the Croc is a venue that I have many fond and fine memories of. (I think I played drums with the Fastbacks there one night before Guns did the Kingdome. My memory is indeed a tad foggy from those days in general, but that is a whole different story.)

Playing a gig here in town also gives me a chance to maybe meet some of the people who write in to my column on a weekly basis. "Nevermind" is the first one who pops to mind. A person (I presume to be a man) who gave me crap from column one, but our cyber-relationship has blossomed into well-meaning jabs of cynicism and a shared past of drug use and subsequent sobriety... I do hope he still gives me shit after this piece and do hope that he comes to this gig and hunts me down.

"Mad Mama" is another one who has been a stalwart friend to the column, and has cheered me on at every step as I plunge myself into these new endeavors of writing, mountaineering, and sundry other tomfoolery and publicly viewed "vision-questing."

Of the readers that I deem to be local, a professor dubbed "Kris" has a blog of his/her own that is drenched with deep-thought and hyper-awareness. I am honored that people like this even give a guy like me the time of day to read the neophyte script that I turn in to the Weekly. (On this subject, I just watched CBS's Sunday Morning, and there was a segment on blogging and news otherwise obtained on the Web. Apparently, for the first 100 or so years of their existence--1680 to 1780--newspapers would leave a blank page at the end of an article so that readers could write their comments and then pass it along for someone else to cross-comment. By 1915 there were some 15,000 different newspapers and magazines circulating in the U.S. Radio, TV, and other media eventually diminished the high demand, but it appears now that with the Internet, we are back up to having the wide variety celebrated those 100 years ago. Back to the future, I guess.)

My newfound writing career has also proven to be an effective marketing tool. Playboy is coming to town, not only to film the Loaded show, but also to follow me around the next day, as I will give an on-camera expose of "my" Seattle. I hope that they are aware that "my" Seattle doesn't consist of strip clubs and singles bars. Only occasionally will I hire a gimp in full bondage gear for a cocktail party or one of our daughters' birthday parties here at Manor McKagan. No, "my" Seattle is pretty pathetic and unsexy, unless you consider Martin Feveyear, Mike Squires, and Sean Kinney sexy. Well, Sean IS kind of hot, on second thought. Actually, our dog Buckley DOES think that he himself is a porn star at times--he may be good for the Playboy piece. Maybe I can take them to Sonic Boom records so that I can at least APPEAR to be somewhat hip and cool. Yeah, I can lie and say that I have always been into vinyl and that I don't even own an iPod (it's really cool to say that you are into vinyl, right?). My ruse would be undone, though. They at Sonic Boom would most certainly make a comment like "Hey, you must have finally gotten a turntable; you've never bought RECORDS here before!"

We just received the routing for our June European tour. It looks like it will be nine stinky guys on a bus for 28 days this time as opposed to 14 days like last September (see "Fart Tennis"). It will be summer rock-festival time on that continent, and we really got on some amazing gigs over there. They just have better names for their festivals over there, too: Rock AM Ring, Graspop, Metal Way, Nova Rock, and of course Download Festival. (It used to be called Donnington Park, and if you've ever seen the GN'R "Paradise City" video, the black-and-white part was shot there at Donnington. It will be cool for me to get back there for sure.)

So that is it for now. Hopefully some of you will be able to make it to the Thursday gig in Seattle, or to some other damn place on this planet. I've been storing up some good jokes to regale all of you with, too. Until then...rock the fuck out!

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