Celebrate Passover: Listen to Records Made by Jews

Though we Jews are probably best known for our sense of humor, did you know that Jewish people also make music? It's true! And not just klezmer music, either. So to celebrate my tribe's contributions to popular culture, I bring you eight of my favorite albums made by Jewish people and the people who love them. Happy Passover!

1. Athens Boys Choir- Bar Mitzvah Superhits of the '80s, '90s And Today

Any album that starts with the line, "You know me, I'm the E-Z Heeb," is pretty much guaranteed to be awesome. And "E-Z Heeb," the bangin' party jam that kicks off the album, is almost as awesome as G-d. Almost. But the rest of last year's Bar Mitzvah Superhits isn't actually as lighthearted as its first track implies. Sure, Athens Boys Choir's MC Katz knows how to throw down-- which, if you're familiar with ABC's previous records, you already know-- but in the past, Katz has spent more time rhyming about queer and transgender rights than his Jewish roots. On this album, however, Katz goes so far as to punctuate a cut about changing his gender with a Hebrew recitation. If I ever get around to having that bat mitzvah I wanted before my scorned mother put the kibosh on things, you can bet that I'll be bumping Bat Mitzvah Superhits at the after-party.

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