The Lonely Forest Gave Me Goosebumps

The Lonely Forest

We just got The Lonely Forest's new album, We Sing The Body Electric! (it comes out April 21) and I listened to it for the first time last week. And the first two songs didn't do so much for me. But the third song on the record, "We Sing In Time," gave me goosebumps. In a really, really good way. The song reminds me of Jimmy Eat World-- and yeah, everyone loves to hate on Jimmy Eat World these days, but whatever. I will defend Clarity to the death. But from me, the comparison is a compliment.That band has written some very earnest, beautiful pop songs, and the experience I had listening to "We Sing In Time," brought Jimmy Eat World's very best qualities to mind. I'd say, however, that The Lonely Forest steps a little further outside of the pop formula than ol' Jimmy; Mike Seely likened them to a cross between Built to Spill and the Long Winters after watching the Anacortes band's set at REVERB festival last year.

Anyway, you can listen to "We Sing In Time" and "Far Outer Banks" on the Burning Buildings Recordings website and decide for yourself what you think it sounds like. Because as my dirty Uncle Steve told me when I was 10: opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one, and they're all a little different.

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