The Connection Between RA Scion, Baby Goats and Jonathan Zwickel

Okay, confession time: I have grown to loathe social networking sites, and still participate in them only as a matter of professional necessity. At first, I thought they were a fun novelty. Now I wish I'd never heard of Facebook apps or 25 things or any of that crap. Still, they are (unfortunately for my analog self) an effective tool which bands use to disseminate information. But now I feel like maybe I can start liking social networking sites again, thanks to exchanges like this:

10:44 a.m. : SW tweets about baby goats for sale at $25 a pop via Craigslist

10:59 a.m.: Ra Scion tweets "I just bought a baby goat"

11:00 a.m.: SW: "What'd you name it?"

11:01 a.m.: Ra Scion: "Zwickel"

Is this true? Or is it a joke? I'm working on finding out for you. I'm putting my money on "joke." But if true, I have so many questions. Like, will Common Market subsequently be obliged to tour with a baby goat? How does Seattle Times writer Jonathan Zwickel feel about this? Do you want a baby goat? I sure do.

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