SXSW: Saturday, Installment 1

I started my day out at the South By Seattle party, which seemed obligatory-- you gotta support the home scene-- but unfortunately, I missed the band I really wanted to see. Hey Marseilles played at twelve, and I couldn't manage to get out the door in time to get to the Palm Door by the time they finished. I walked in during Dynah's set, a band whose lead singer enjoys fancy eye make-up and whose music sounded like a cross between New Wave and screamo. It wasn't really my bag. Not long after Dynah finished, they ran out of free booze and empanadas (fortunately, I did get there in time for the munchies, if not for Hey Marseilles. Sorry, guys.)

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band came on after Dynah, around 1:30, and as I felt the last time I wrote about them months ago, I still think that their original viral video marketing scheme is the main reason the band is as well known as it is. They're a decent indie rock band, but their songs don't really have the same emotional impact that I require from bands who are traveling such well-trod terrain. It's a subjective thing, but I personally feel, after seeing the band live, that they've been the victims of too much buzz (yes, there is such a thing). The band's got great onstage energy, and though they're not breaking new ground by any stretch of the imagination, it wouldn't bother me so much if the hype machine hadn't been on overdrive for a band that is, to me, just okay.

After that, I attempted to get into the big Rachel Ray party at Maggie Mae's, and the line went around the block, so I scratched that plan and headed to the Q Magazine party to see some music, most of which appeared to be by bands from the UK. We thought we were just in time to see Delta Spirit, but they were ahead of schedule and we would up watching Fanfarlo, a cute British pop band with a singer that sounds like Julian Casablancas, instead. We stayed for Jay Jay Pistolette, a Brit singer-songwriter who didn't really do much for me, but, it appeared, was a hit with the ladies nonetheless: I caught at least two pretty girls in the audience singing along to every word.

We then caught some of Pete and the Pirates' set, and they were another perfectly charming Britpop band, but a few songs in, my stomach started growling and I decided it was time for lunch, so I'm currently eating spinach enchiladas at a nearby Tex-Mex joint with a patio and trying to get the wi-fi to work so I can post this before heading off to Waterloo Park to catch some of Mess With Texas fest before it gets dark. Photos coming later, when I have more time to wait on my camera.

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