Stream Chris Cornell's God-Awful New Album Right Now

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If you'd like to participate in a social experiment on how the body reacts to terrible music, head over to Chris Cornell's MySpace page and listen to his new album, Scream, which comes out tomorrow. For whatever reason, the revered ex Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman has decided to team up with pop producer Timbaland for an entire album's worth of material. Even if they'd connected on one or two songs, like the gem "Promiscuous" Timbaland produced for Nelly Furtado last year, struck gold, and moved on, that would be understandable. But to have Timbaland do your entire album is a risk, that in my opinion, is about to backfire horribly for Cornell.

I know that dude used to be a hometown hero to a lot of people but he's not doing any Seattle music enthusiasts any favors with this one. I've been listening to the album, which you can stream in its entirety all week long, and it's incredibly bad. It's as if they both had mid-range expectations of what pop audiences would expect and didn't aim high at all. There's maybe one song on here, "Other Side of Town," that's halfway single-worthy. "Long Gone" could actually make it on pop radio as well. But the rest are just crappy, overproduced, mash-ups of one bad idea after another. I don't know, give it a shot. If your face doesn't contort after the the first few songs, then that's impressive.

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