OKGO!, IO ECHO, and JAGUAR LOVE at Chop Suey

Elizabeth Thompson
IO Echo

In an age where the Internet has the power to get a newbie senator from Illinois elected President, it is more than reasonable that the web could help a band of treadmill hopping, suit and tie guys sell out Chop Suey.

Catapulted by their early YouTube success, OKGO! with newly written songs in hand have taken on a national tour with Jaguar Love and IO Echo.

Each band brought their unique sound to the table as well as their respective fans. Maybe if you didn't like OKGO!, you went for Jaguar Love or if you didn't like Jaguar Love you went for IO Echo, either way there was a little something for everyone.

Chop Suey was bursting at the seams, and I hadn't felt that claustrophobic in a while. As I looked around nervously for more than one exit, I devised a moshing escape plan in my head.

In between sets, I had the great privilege of sparking up a conversation with easily the most inebriated person at the show, and learning that you only need three things in life, "Heels, Passion, and obviously a drink". OK well I added the last one.

An undisguisable and stunning performance from IO Echo set the bar high, and confirmed their status as another Indie band with a female front who was willing to take risks.

'The Grudge' inspired haircut of Echo's front woman took little away from her presence on stage or her voice. Even though I couldn't see her face most the time, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her.

From the UFO- like track sampling of " Addicted" to the secret agent thrill of " I'm on Fire", IO Echo almost stole the show if it weren't for Kulash 'eye fucking' the crowd.

OKGO's lead singer, Damian Kulash's sarcastic confidence comes off more charming than cocky, and leaves you wondering whether he knows just how sexy he is. A self proclaimed "smart-ass" Kulash heads a neatly styled group, full suit and ties, which made me feel way underdressed. They put on a spectacle of a show complete with confetti that I'm still picking out of various crevices.

Jaguar Loves' tumultuous rotation of band members makes 'The Supremes' look like a convent. Suffering from what seemed like a missing piece their performance fell short. Maybe it was the juxtaposed energies on stage, that looked more like a before and after PSA than a coherent music duo. I couldn't help feeling like something just wasn't right, but considering the crowd's reaction I might have been the only one.

Elizabeth Thompson
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