Last Night: Oscillator X at Nectar

I didn't want to go see Oscillator X last night. I've been sick as hell all week--pale-faced, shivering, and bed-ridden. Being in a club surrounded by dancing bodies and pounding music sounded unappealing as fuck. But I dragged my germ-ridden self to Fremont's Nectar to find out what all the fuss is about the Vancouver-based dance-pop duo.

Last night marked Oscillator X's (John Mendenhall and Kyle Ward) first live show in Seattle, despite the fact that they've been active for more than a decade. The guys have recently gotten a lot of attention for their Daft Punk-esque track "Dynamo" which is on heavy rotation on C89.5 FM. And their performance turned out to be well-worth my getting out of bed.

Oscillator X took the stage with two synthesizers, a turntable, and plenty of theatrics. They pulled out all the stops; pyrotechnic effects like flames shooting out of their keyboards, an onstage glowstringer, and several bursts of glittering confetti. I felt like I was on esctasy.

There were a couple technical difficulties in the otherwise explosive set. The guys made a major blunder at the start of the night by forgetting to plug in some of their equipment. But DJ Richard J. Dalton of C89.5 FM jumped in and smoothed over the awkward moment by fittingly playing Madonna's "Hung Up." ("Time goes by so slowly for those who wait.")

For anyone who misses Aqua and Real McCoy, Oscillator X's music is unapologetic Euro-dance at it's finest. Their often cheesy anthems contain plenty of melodic hooks, call-and-response verses, and strong bass sections. The guys just dropped their new album Techno Techyes and will hopefully announce some performance dates in the near future. I'll keep you posted.

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