Thorstone's Good Mourning America: Way Better Than Its Title

I wish I'd known about this show a little earlier so I could've written it up for my section, but alas, I'll just have to alert you now. Aviation Records band Thorstone is having a CD release show March 1 at the Cha Cha. Yes, Thorstone kinda sounds like the name of your high school boyfriend's terrible emo band, but Thorstone is actually the solo endeavor of one Torsten Larson (see, now the name makes more sense), member of popular hometown outfit See Me River. And the album he's releasing, Good Mourning America is, unlike the annoying Alkaline Trio album of a similar name, a brilliant collection of freaky, distorted folk pop unlike anything that's passed by my desk in quite a while. Listen to four of the songs on Thorstone's MySpace and you'll see what I'm talking about. I can definitely say this about the album: Never have I encountered such brilliant use of a kazoo.

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