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Here's one of the most positive fliers I've seen in awhile. The good folks at 206 Zulu , Soul Gorilla , Ozya , Obese Productions


The Peace Project Aims to Benefit Victims of Gun Violence

The Peace Project2.jpg
Here's one of the most positive fliers I've seen in awhile. The good folks at 206 Zulu, Soul Gorilla, Ozya, Obese Productions, Sportn' Life Records, and One Family Inc have banded together to put on a benefit concert with proceeds going to victims of gun violence and their families in the Seattle area. They're still working out some of the kinks regarding who gets the proceeds, but it's good to see folks taking a proactive role rather than being passive regarding violence in the community.

The concert takes place, Wednesday, March 4 at Nectar Lounge in Fremont and there's some really good artists on the bill. Dyme Def, Khingz, and D. Black will all be there as well as Big World Breaks, who operate as a genre-defying soul/funk/dub-hop/whatever band. Other artist such as Toni Hill, GodSpeed, Yirim Seck, and Sirius will be sitting in with them so, all around, it should be a good night of music and positive energy. Word is, Nectar is providing the space free of charge and it seems like a lot of folks in the urban arts community are banding together to make a statement. What's the statement? The flyer itself says that this is "A Concert Promoting Peaceful Conflict Resolution" but there's more to it than that.

According to Kitty Wu of 206 Zulu, the original plan was to split the proceeds 50/50 between the families of rapper 29-E, who was killed this past January inside of Chop Suey, and music promoter Tyrone Love, who was gunned down last week. As the concept of the event grows and more people get brought on board behind the scenes, they're now trying to find a way to service more families who have lost loved ones recently due to violence.

Larry Mizell Jr. is working on an official mission statement so it will be interesting to see what comes out of all of this. Everyone is taking it real serious and that's a good sign. Interestingly enough, the real catalyst for the benefit concert, according to Wu, is Big Kountry, the maligned promoter who has been blackballed to an extent because of his involvement in the concert where 29-E was killed. It sounds like he's trying to do the right thing. Hopefully a good amount of people show up on March 4th to support this event.

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