PUSA Unveils its own iPhone Application

I just got a press release from Dave Meinart announcing that Seattle's storied rock band, the Presidents of the United States of America (PUSA) have jumped in bed with Apple and now have a new iPhone application. The $2.99 app gives those who subscribe to it, full-tracks from four albums as well as the "lost recordings" from the band's 10-song demo album FroggyStyle. You also get exclusive tracks updated regularly to your phone and access to the band's blog, among other features. I did some digging around on this one and other gadget bloggers think this is no small feat. John Cook from Tech Flash, for examples, sees the band standing at the forefront of mobile music marketing right now.

That shouldn't be a surprise since PUSA guitarist (emeritus) Dave Dederer is vice president of Melodeo, a company that specializes in mobile music marketing, and helped facilitate the new iPhone application. This comes on the heels of local band, Death Cab for Cutie, announcing their own iPhone application a few weeks ago. Hopefully this is profitable for both groups. Look for it on an Apple product near you.

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