Looking for Jazz Tonight?

Ray Vega.jpg
I've been covering a lot of hip-hop lately for the paper. To be honest, I'm ready for a break. So tonight, I'm headed back to the roots of that genre and diving into some jazz. The connections between be-bop and hip-hop are strong anyway and I need some horns in my world tonight.

For those craving straight ahead jazz, Tula's in Belltown should have plenty of that when trumpeters Ray Vega, pictured above, and Thomas Marriott are playing a gig tonight and tomorrow that they're dubbing the "East/West Trumpet Summit." Both artists, who are long-time friends, will be recording for a live disc due out in about a year, but it's cool that they chose Tula's as the venue in which to record it. The show starts at 8 p.m. both nights.

If smooth jazz is your thing, try Local Color over in the Pike Place Market. Fathia Atallah a French vocalist with a strong voice will be singing tonight with a backing band.

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