Lily Allen Coming To Seattle


British popstress Lily Allen is slated to perform at Showbox SoDo on Monday, April 6--that is, if she doesn't cancel her stateside tour like she did two years ago. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she makes it this time.

Allen is better known for her public drunkenness, shit talking, and rivalries with other artists than her actual music. I fucking love her anyway. Her antics keep me entertained for days.

I also fancy Allen because we're both the same age (23) and she actually writes songs that reflect the experiences of someone that age. She's not a fantastic singer, but she definitely has a knack for creating candid and clever lyrics that hit close to home.

Allen's new album It's Not Me, It's You hits stores February 9, but its entirety has already leaked on the Internet. I've been listening to one of the tracks, "Not Fair," non-stop since Monday. It's about a guy who's absolutely perfect--except he sucks in the sack.

I'm actually dealing with a similar situation at the moment, so I really feel Allen's pain.

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