LA Times: Diamond's Eddie Confusion a "Daily Show-style joke"

Just when we thought we finally knew the truth about how Neil Diamond came to invite Seattle-based tejano band Los Volcanes to play his Grammy-weekend gala, the story -- fittingly -- gets weirder. Per the LA Times' Ann Powers:

"These artistic triumphs were matched by the night's feel-good story, told by Diamond himself in a pretaped segment. He spun a yarn about calling Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder and asking if he'd play the benefit, only to discover he'd reached the wrong Eddie -- he was speaking with Seattle-based Tejano musician Eddie Rodriguez. So he invited that Eddie to appear instead. (Chris Cornell seemed happy to fill in for Vedder, his brother in grunge, rocking a very Ed-style curly coif and a hoarser-than-usual baritone on 'Kentucky Woman.') The story about Rodriguez was a 'Daily Show'-style joke; in truth, Diamond had seen Rodriguez and his band, Los Volcanes, on television while in Texas charitably aiding victims of Hurricane Ike. The crowd loved the rambling rhythms of Los Volcanes as it performed 'Red Red Wine' and gave the group one of the night's few standing ovations."

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