Is Dancing With the Stars 2009 Slumming or What?

Jewel-Lil Kim.jpg
I'm not one to make fun of B list celebrities, but the latest additions to Dancing With the Stars cast of 2009 seems like it would be better suited for VH1's Surreal Life than ABC.

When I first heard that Lawrence "LT" Taylor was going on, I thought, 'okay, they needed someone to replace the jock role that Jason Taylor and Warren Sapp handled (surprisingly) well over the last two seasons.' I wouldn't mention Evander Holyfield in that slot because he was terrible. But at least he had star appeal.

The latest bunch of C+ celebrities barely have that. Of course Jewel, who has sold roughly 27 albums worldwide, qualifies as a major attraction. But they've also got Lil Kim (who may still be on a tether after being released from prison not that long ago), Steve-O from Jackass, and Steve Wozniack on the show. Do you really think America wants to watch them on a weekly basis? To see the rest of this unflattering cast, click here. They honestly couldn't have gotten anyone better than this?

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