Is Chris Brown the Next Ike Turner?

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Chris Brown turning himself in to LAPD.
And the winner of the best Grammy no-show goes to... Chris Brown and Rihanna, who were unable to attend last night's Grammy festivities because they were involved in a lovers quarrel turned physical. While details are sketchy, it appears that Brown assaulted Rihanna last night during an argument, and he's since been arrested and charged with making criminal threats, which is a felony.

On one hand, it's sad news to report. Of course, nobody wants to see alleged violence like this occur, especially not when it's a male being aggressive against a woman. Reports say that Rihanna had visible injuries and that's not kosher under any circumstance The newest bit of info to break alleges that Rihanna was assaulted with a deadly weapon. On the other hand, something about Brown and Rihanna's relationship has seemed a bit too perfect up until now. This gives the cutesy couple more of an Ike and Tina flair, which could be bad for both of them personally, but good for them if they keep making music together.

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