Free MP3 -- Grynch Releases "It's Go Time"

There has been a lot of local hip-hop MP3's floating around the internet over the past few weeks. This is clearly a genre that has learned a lot from the "free music" model made popular in 2008 by groups like Radiohead, Saul Williams, NIN, and the like.

Having recently moved here from another city, I can tell you that it wasn't like that in South Florida so I'm glad to see that Seattle rappers are business savvy enough to give away their music on the front end, so they can eventually make more on the back end as their popularity grows. The latest track that's come to my attention is from a Ballard lyricist known as Grynch. I'm really feeling the simplicity of this guy's rap flow. He's got a lot to say and you can understand him while he says it. His newest track is called "It's Go Time" and you can head over to Sound Magazine's site and listen to the track there.

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