Did Tiger Woods Name His Baby After Axl Rose?

Axel Woods.jpg
You wouldn't think that Tiger Woods is a big Guns N' Roses fan based on his calm, and rather uptight demeanor. He seems like more of a smooth jazz guy to me, with maybe some '70s soul music thrown in the mix and that's it.

But hey, it looks like Tiger just named his son Axel, and I can't help wonder if he's a closeted GN'R fan. Today, the first photos of Tiger's 10-day-old son were just released and I was surprised at the name. I have no clue if the baby's middle name is Rose or not, but Axel is still a strange choice for the son of a golfer. Then again, the kid is going to grow up around a bunch of female models (especially since his mother is one) and he'll also have more cash than a Saudi prince at his disposal so a rock 'n' roll lifestyle for Tiger's son is practically imminent.

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