Chris Cornell's Coming Back to Showbox SoDo

Chris Cornell

When: April 27

Where: Showbox SoDo

He's also Tweeting, and wants to know: "Here is an open question since I got my guitars back I have been considering playing guitar live again. Who thinks I should pick it up again?"

Another Tweet: "Security sent me to the wrong entrance. I ended up at the Staples center back stage. No pass. Huge security. Good thing I wasn't a stalker."

Considering the lax security surrounding this tour, and the fact that we practically have the same, and that after 3,000 sit-ups we'd practically look alike ... maybe I'll be lucky enough to have tea w/Mr. Cornell before the show. Actually, funny story: Cornell almost kicked me in the face once, when he was in Audioslave. But, that's a story for another day.

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