Tune in to 97.3 FM Tonight at 8pm

The folks over at 97.3 FM can't get enough of our in-house music writer, Erika Hobart. She's an ace pop-music critic who has a knack for covering "cheesy" music really well. Artists like Lady Gaga (who she's pictured with above) or Katy Perry get her excited in all sorts of ways. That makes my job much easier cause I sure as shit don't want to cover either of those hacks.

With Erika, there's always humor and sexual innuendo in her reviews and naturally, the more scandalous she gets, the more people love her for it. This morning she wrote about wanting to bed down Lil Wayne and 97.3 FM is having her on their radio show tonight as a special guest to talk about it. Erika actually attended Katy Perry's concert on Friday night, and then Lil Wayne's on Sunday night, so she's got a lot to talk about.

If you don't have a radio nearby and want to listen via computer, head to this site, and you can stream the radio show online.

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