Woven Hand, "Truly Golden"

The David Grisman Quintet plays again tonight at Dimitriou's , (at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. ) and also, there are these


Tonight's Show Suggestions

Woven Hand, "Truly Golden"

The David Grisman Quintet plays again tonight at Dimitriou's, (at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m.) and also, there are these shows:

Woven Hand, Silver Summit at Tractor Tavern, 9:30 p.m., $12

David Eugene Edwards, modern descendant of several respectable touring

bands such as 16 Horsepower, has finally come into his own as Woven

Hand, a dramatic, driving departure tinged with gothic Gregorian

monk-like chanting and dark Appalachian undertones. A sound that

refuses to be classified simply as "evil bluegrass," it's so tempting

that you won't even notice Edwards is singing about God most of the

time. Backed by virtuoso-caliber touring musicians and still toting

along that concertina, Edwards is still capable of the electrifying

live shows that established him in the murky waters of mid-90's

alternative. He's supported by Silver Summit, a menagerie of talented,

gorgeous psychedelic wunderkinds from Brooklyn that found a way to

cohesively blend their cellos, mandolins, guitars and backing vocals

underneath the ethereal, meditative commands and requests of vocalist

Sondra Ow Sun-Odeon. Their stage presence will demand your attention;

their music will keep it. RAECHEL SIMS

Cool Nutz, Young Buck, Kokaine, E-Dawg, Clemm Rishad & Infinity, DJs Funk Daddy & DJ Pheloneous at Studio Seven, 9 p.m., $25, all ages

Portland MC Cool Nutz, aka Terrance Scott, is one of the Northwest's

best, a rock of the PDX hip hop scene who's been putting out music

through his and partner Bosco Kante's label, Jus Family Records, since

1992; in 1995, he co-founded and organized the POH-Hop Festival, the

first local hip hop festival of its size in Portland. If the Portland

hip hop scene is bigger and better than it was fifteen years ago, Cool

Nutz is one of the people the city should thank for it. But Cool Nutz

is also thankful--after eight albums, he's still making a living off the

art on his own. Which is why he named his upcoming release The Miracle

(it drops January 20). The album shows off the same skills that got

Cool Nutz to where he's at: impeccable, diverse production, lots of

soulful singing, clever, playful rhymes and a laid-back flow. And if

what he says on his track "Wake Up" is true--that the Northwest's about

to blow up--you know Cool Nutz will be front and center representing the

region. Rise and shine, motherfuckers! SARA BRICKNER

Hoquiam, Husbands, Love Your Wives, Grand Hallway, Scott Erickson at Q Cafe, 9 p.m., $7, all ages

Q Café's booker seems to possess an uncanny knack for wading through

the Seattle's ever-widening pool of lesser-known folk songwriters and

scooping up the best of the lot. It's sort of like how bears pluck just

one salmon from a river teeming with them (for proof, look no further

than onetime Q regular Tiny Vipers). Tonight's lineup is just another

triumphant example of those grizzly-like fishing skills. Grand Hallway

frontman Tomo Nakayama will perform an acoustic set of new material

from the band's upcoming sophomore record (for a taste, listen to

sweet, sumptuous single "Blessed Be, Honeybee" on the band's MySpace

page). Damien Jurado's newish project, Hoquiam, will perform material

from an upcoming EP on Cassette. Rounding out the bill is Jamie Spiess'

haunting pop band, Husbands, Love Your Wives; Spiess recently

self-released a live album of her recent Triple Door set with Jurado,

and she plans to release her first full-length record this year. Extra

bonus: Visual artist Scott Erickson will be painting during the show. SARA BRICKNER

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