Past Lives, "Reverse the Curse"

I wish I could make two or three clones of myself so I could go to all the shows I


Tonight's Show Suggestions

Past Lives, "Reverse the Curse"

I wish I could make two or three clones of myself so I could go to all the shows I would love to see tonight.  Then my clones and I could reconvene and compare notes.  Alas, the technology isn't quite sophisticated enough to accommodate my music journalism-cloning plans yet.  Also, there is a chance some of the shows I wanted to attend tonight, like the Rock N Roll Adventure Kids show at the Funhouse, may not be, you know, happening because of the I-5 closure.  Thanks, flash floods!  Thanks, climate change and its naysayers!  *grumblegrumblemutter*  So for now, I'm posting shows I'm sure are happening, and am gonna wait for confirmation for the others...

Minus the Bear, Rocky Votolato, The Cave Singers, Past Lives, and Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death at Showbox at the Market, 7 p.m., $20, all ages

This show is another benefit to help posthumously release John Spalding's record Loveland and offset the cost of his medical bills, and it features some of Seattle's finest pop musicians.  I mean, look at this line-up.  It's like the Seattle indie pop dream team, here.  Minus the Bear has written some of my favorite pop songs ever (I totally annoyed the shit out of this band when I was 18, at my first Bumbershoot. I cornered the bass player and totally went wild gushing about how much I loved Highly Refined Pirates. Yeah, I'm a dweeb.) There's also the Cave Singers, who will probably play some new shit from the upcoming album (and I know you need yourself some of that), and Triumph of Lethargy, and effin' Past Lives, whose video above you should really watch for a reason to see them live, tonight or any other time. This shit is seriously more of a bargain than a storewide 50% off sale at Value Village. Also, please note: if you haven't yet, please BUY YOUR TICKETS THROUGH SHOWBOX DIRECTLY, lest you pay Ticketmaster extra money for no reason.

Sera Cahoone, Zoe Muth And the Lost High Rollers, Betsy Olson at Tractor Tavern, 9:30 p.m., $12

If you love, say, Gillian Welch and Neko Case, but do not yet own any

Sera Cahoone albums (her self titled or newish release Only As The Day Is Long), you should really remedy the situation

immediately. Her folk songs are plaintive and lovely, and you will

thank yourself later. I love it when former drummers become frontpeople and make excellent music.

Gabriel Teodros with a live band, Canary Sing, Mystic, DJ Ian Head at Chop Suey, 8 p.m., $12 dos, all ages

Canary Sing is one of the city's most promising hip hop duos, and anyone who's seen them live can attest to that.  And I have absolute confidence that they're getting as good in the studio as they already are onstage.  Gabriel Teodros, too, is a fine MC on the MassLine label who hasn't gotten quite as famous as the Blue Scholars or Common Market...yet. I first encountered him and Hollis of Canary Sing at Sasquatch 2007; everyone who got onstage that day was decent, but those two were a really good time. See, they keep it on the positive tip, and they do it with style.

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