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Missing Persons circa 1982

Missing Persons feat. Dale Bozzio, Romance, Tin Sprocket, Feverclub, The Safe Passage Clause at Studio Seven, 7 p.m., $18

The vintage New Wave/pop outfit Missing Persons circa 2009 is, well,

missing persons: Co-founders Terry Bozzio (drums) and Warren Cuccurullo

(guitar), and the rest of the original quintet. Except for statuesque,

wild-maned, makeup-crazy 53-year-old singer (and one-time Playboy bunny

and Hustler model) Dale Bozzio, who's cobbled together a handful of

hired guns for the current incarnation of the band. A proper reunion

will likely never happen, as the once-married Bozzios are allegedly not

on speaking terms anymore, and Cuccurullo - who played in Duran Duran

for a long while before falling into a short-lived porno career a few

years back - is now making his own music and running around as a 9/11

conspiracy theorist. A lot of weirdness, sure, but maybe that's fitting

for a group that originally came together, and formed its aesthetic,

after its members all met while working with Frank Zappa. "Destination

Unknown," of course, is Missing Persons' signature tune, and whatever's

left of their fan base will certainly enjoy hearing it tonight, even if

it's essentially being performed by a cover band. MICHAEL ALAN GOLDBERG

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