Lil Wayne's New Rock Song, "Prom Queen," Leaked


Hot off the heels from a stunning performance last night at the Key Arena, Lil Wayne announced this morning that he's got a new album due to hit stores April 7th.

As for now, the album name is titled, Rebirth, and based on the song, "Prom Queen" that leaked to the internet a couple of hours ago, there's definitely a full-fledged rock'n'roll edge to it. That shouldn't surprise too many people as Wayne has flirted with rock for awhile now. He often plays guitar (if you could call it that) on stage and aligned himself with rocker/label mate Kevin Rudolf recently as well. Plus he's creative and since he's clearly dominating hip-hop, why not give another genre a shot?

I actually wish he would have played "Prom Queen" last night at the concert as I have to admit that I'm feeling the song. Click here to stream the song. I'm curious what people think about it.

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