Here is H is for Hellgate playing a show at the Croc.

H Is For Hellgate CD release, Safer, In The Empty City, The Apple


Tonight's Show Suggestions

Here is H is for Hellgate playing a show at the Croc.

H Is For Hellgate CD release, Safer, In The Empty City, The Apple War at High Dive, 9 p.m., $7

I know, I suck: I ran out of time in the pre-Thanksgiving madness and couldn't write up H is for Hellgate's CD release show in time for the print paper.  However, frontwoman Jamie Hellgate, a dynamo of a performer who was featured (as you'll see if you click the above link to her blog) in Venus Zine for being awesome. Her new album, Come For the Peaks, Stay For the Valleys, is hardly as cute and innocuous as the two spaniels on the cover might suggest. No, this is an album that consists of as much major riffage as quiet moments, made all the more personal by the heartfelt lyrics about Hellgate's personal travails over the making of this album, including the tragic passing of her father.

Black Elk, Sandrider, Black Eyes & Neckties, Helms Alee at Comet Tavern, 9 p.m., $8

Following a righteously screaming set at this year's Musicfest NW in Portland, Black Elk hit the road in support of their album, Always A 6, Never A 9. The album finds the band doing what they do best, both in the studio and on the stage: screaming their faces off and making your ears bleed. But there is a method to the madness behind this noise rock. Singer Tom Glose's ability to crescendo over the cavalcade of clashing guitars and reckless drums behind him transcends Black Elk's sound from simple chaos to incredulously orchestrated rockage in the vein of Hammerhead and Guzzard. Bringing some youth to the show will be local heroes Black Eyes & Neckties, whose live performances have made them a staple on the West Coast garage-punk scene for several years now; it's the clever interplay of downright Goth lyrics over pop punk guitars--with an organ thrown in for good measure--that keeps the tunes from becoming too formulaic. RAECHEL SIMS

Lyrics Born at Neumos, 8 p.m., $15, all ages

I can't think of many other rappers who took time off to work for the Obama campaign, unless of course we're counting Will.I.Am's hologram. Then again, I can't think of many rappers with a musical resume as impressive as Lyrics Born's. One half of the group Latryx (along with Lateef the Truthspeaker), he helped form the label Quannum Projects and has worked with fellow Quannum artists Blackalicious and DJ Shadow, as well as other hip hop icons like Chali 2na, KRS-One, and E-40. Lyrics Born has lent his deep playful vocals and producing talents to LPs, EPs, and mixtapes, not to mention cartoons, and performs with a live band. In some ways, he's a perfect representation of Bay Area hip-hop even as he nimbly evades creative stagnation and defies easy categorization. DEVAN SCHWARTZ

Type's Amateur Hour CD release and battle at Nectar, 9 p.m., $5

Fuck a show: Type is celebrating the release of his new album, Amateur Hour,

by hosting one himself. Actually, it'll be a battle between a long

line-up of Seattle MCs (you can find out exactly which ones on Nectar's

website.) As for the album itself? Well, it's meant to be lighthearted,

a spoof on every different kind of rap music ever produced. Type

satirizes everyone: the sincere underground rapper who rhymes all too

often about staying on the grind, political hip hop, the '90s OG party

rapper...the only kind of rapper Type DOESN'T unceremoniously shit upon

is the contemporary commercial gangsta rapper, likely because they're

such an easy target. Though there are no voices but Type's on this

album, a long list of active Seattle producers chipped in on the

beat-makin' side: Grieves, Captain Midnite, Murder Dice, LBI, Pen

Pointz, MTK, NorthCzar, West End Productions, Rudy, Sebino and DJ 100

Proof. The results are fun to dance to, but next time, it would be nice

to see what Type's capable of when he's taking himself seriously. SARA BRICKNER

Blitzen Trapper, Parson Red Heads, PWRFL Power at Chop Suey, 9 p.m., $12

If there's anything more frustrating than all the big names in media

hyping up a band, it's when they're right. The good news is, Blitzen

Trapper lives up to every ounce of the superfluous praise they've

garnered from SPIN, Rolling Stone

and various other indie kingmakers. The sextet mellowly sashays to

combined keyboards and flippant vocals that prove the band doesn't take

itself too seriously. Joining Blitzen Trapper on the road are Oregon

alumni the Parson Red Heads, who have relocated their sunshine sound to

California -- and it seems to be agreeing with them. Pop gems like

"Punctual As Usual" and "Got It All" punctuate their new album, Owl & Timber, a focused, heartfelt work of sixties-loving guitar riffs and love-rants that could make Matthew Sweet proud. RAECHEL SIMS

Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers, Easy Street West Seattle, 9:30 p.m., $5

I wrote this (slightly edited) blurb about Ruby Dee a while back:

Sultry rockabilly sweetheart Ruby Dee and her band of Snakehandlers are

one of a small handful of unadulterated country acts Seattle can proudly call

its own. Well, at least for another month or so: Ruby Dee and the

Snakehandlers are packing up and moving to Austin. Which is a real shame, because their album, Miles From Home,

is one twangy gem right after the other, from rollicking rockabilly

numbers to soulful ballads about (what else?) love lost. Were it

released in the early '70s, when artists like Loretta Lynn and Tammy

Wynette dominated the country music charts, I'm confident Ruby Dee and

the Snakehandlers could have stepped right up and joined their ranks--

though of all the female Country Music Hall of Famers, Ruby Dee's

timeless, tremulous vocals best resemble those of a young Dolly Parton.

Unfortunately, the honky tonk twang that made me fall in love with

country music in the first place has fallen out of favor in the

mainstream, but, at least as far as I'm concerned, crap peddlers like

Carrie Underwood have got nothing on real artists like Ruby Dee. SARA BRICKNER

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