3 Inches Of Blood, "Deadly Sinners" Andrew Miller wrote a blurb about these guys, who I also appreciate. Though I really, really wish they weren't


Tonight's Show Suggestions

3 Inches Of Blood, "Deadly Sinners" Andrew Miller wrote a blurb about these guys, who I also appreciate. Though I really, really wish they weren't signed to Roadrunner Records, who have earned themselves a permanent place on my shit list per last week's Amanda Palmer music video fiasco.

The Hands, Police Teeth, Holy Tail Feathers, One Million Teeth at Comet Tavern, 9 p.m., $6

The Hands are a helluva rock and roll band.  They have good energy, awesome riffs, and there is lots of sexy hair swishing.  Plus, Holy Tail Feathers have a little bit of a cowpunk thing going on.  What's not to love?

Clockwork (CD release), Macklemore, Xperience, Candidt, DJ Marc Sense at Nectar, 9 p.m., $8

This isn't Northwest fuzzy feel-good "conscious" hip hop; no, Clockwork rhymes about money, women, weed and, uh, packin'. In your underpants.  It's pretty gangsta. It's also pretty catchy. Actually, Clockwork flows a little like a new millennium Snoop. Plus, this is a very high quality line-up of MCs. If I can drag my tired ass out there to Fremont tonight, I will.

The Bad Things, Thee Headliners, Hands of Kali at Funhouse, 9:30 p.m., $7

The Bad Things also play the Cops' Rock and Roll Circus at the Sunset next week (they perform on the 18th with Cancer Rising and Widower) but if you can't make that particular evening of the Circus (but you ARE going, right?), you might want to check out their freaked-out bluegrass klezmer gypsy music tonight instead.

Duff McKagan's Loaded, Jet Black Stare, more at Showbox SODO, $40

Our own Duff McKagan (whose columns reveal that he is a TOTAL

SWEETHEART and a great dad) has a show at Showbox SODO tonight with his

band, Duff McKagan's Loaded.  It starts at 7 p.m.  Saliva canceled. Not

too sad about that, though.

The Nextdoor Neighbors, the Coyotes at Easy Street Records West Seattle, 9:30 p.m., $5

I did not manage to work this in there, but I'd like to mention that the Coyotes are pretty great also. They write alt-country songs about, among other things, putting it to a sheep. Ew.  I still like them quite a lot.  But why, oh why, do alt-country bands love writing sheep-fucking songs so much?  Guys, it's been done before, plus it gives me the heebies. Seriously.

Right after The Blow's Poor Aim: Love Songs

came out, single "Hey Boy" exploded like a huge, sticky pink gum bubble

all over indie pop's blase face, and frontwoman Khaela Maricich (who

was performing that night supported by a laptop instead of YACHT

beatmaster and former bandmate Jona Bechtolt) looked downright

bewildered at the sudden glut of adoration. Well, the same thing just

might happen to the Nextdoor Neighbors, a two-woman electropop band

from Olympia who finished second in this year's EMP Sound Off!

Competition. The band just put out their first album on Bicycle

Records, Magic Vs. the Machine, a lovely collection of lo-fi

songs that mesh electronicist Kathy Cotes' robotic bleeps and bloops

and lyricist Jessie Hill's sweet, plaintive vocals about the painful

transition from adolescent to adult. For all those who wander between

those two worlds without a destination, Hill's lyrics are a comforting

affirmation. "Hey I can lack direction," she sings, "gravity'll hold me


3 Inches Of Blood, Black Breath, the Accused, Heiress at El Corazon, 7 p.m., $15

The Goatriders Horde approaches, cloven hooves clacking ominously on

frost-hardened tundra. Ice balls rain from the sky directly into

skulls, causing insanity. Enormous trees, limbs unbowed by wintry

conditions, violently avenge fallen timber. 3 Inches of Blood makes

some grim lyrical predictions, but as long as you're willing to echo

its sacred mantras ("none can match the metal," "heavy metal is our

light"), the group will offer powerful musical protection against orcs,

Lady Deathwish, night marauders, and other ghastly enemies. Jamie

Hooper, known for his burly battle cry, has suffered an injury to his

vaunted larynx, leaving his vocal duties to excellently named bandmates

Cam Pipes (falsetto wailer) and Justin Hagberg (substitute shouting

brute). "Trial of Champions," the title track of this Vancouver-based

Viking crew's latest EP, celebrates a gladiator winning his freedom,

but it doubles as a description of the ferocious mosh pits at its gigs. ANDREW MILLER

Ashanti at Emerald Queen Casino, 8 p.m., $40-$85

Wikipedia bills R&B princess Ashanti as "an American

singer-songwriter, record producer, actress, dancer, and model." She's

certainly talented, and has more than enough foxiness and celebrity to

spare, so what's she doing at the frickin' Emerald Queen? My theory:

Had she been born 10 years earlier, she would be a Celine-and-Mariah

level diva, but fickle ol' fate has dealt Ms. A the misfortune of

coming up under the golden shadow of a certain other fabulous baby

diva (the one with a new record who rocks a big, big B) whose

stranglehold on the position of hip hop go-to girl is Fort Knox solid.

Fancy Ashanti an urban, eye patch free, Elle Driver. Even though she's

number two and pissed off, she's not about to admit it. The difference

is, instead of contending with superhuman killing machine the Bride,

she must cope with casino gigs and being consistently one-upped by

superhuman booty machine Beyonce. MA'CHELL DUMA LAVASSAR

Panda & Angel, the Dutchess and the Duke, Another Perfect Crime, Kusikia at Vera Project, 7:30 p.m., $11, all ages

If Low and My Bloody Valentine could mate, their offspring would sound

like Seattle six-piece Panda & Angel. The best band to be named

after drug addicts since Jane's Addiction, P&A compose symphonic,

shoegazer-ish pop songs about trailer-dwelling junkies--specifically,

guitarist Josh Wackerly's former co-worker Panda and the latter's

girlfriend, Angel. After changing labels and half its members quit,

things looked bleak for P&A. But the remaining players soldiered

on; they holed up in the studio for six months to record over two dozen

songs. Some of those songs will comprise a forthcoming untitled EP on

the Jade Tree label; others will be available on the band's first

full-length album this spring. As for the real Panda & Angel?

They're still in Mansfield, Ohio, where Wackerly met them; he hopes to

conduct audio interviews with Panda, once a musician himself, and

include snippets on the record. Also on the bill in this benefit concert

for Girls Rock! are Dutchess and the Duke, Kusikia, and Another Perfect Crime. SARA BRICKNER

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