Musical LOVE 4 Losties!

Can't afford to give the Lostie you love that pricey, pricey box set this holiday season? No worries, Brooklyn's Previously on Lost are selling their pretty, melodic and hilarious tribute to everyone's favorite group of castaways entitled The Tale of Season 4 and the Oceanic Six on the band's MySpace page.
Sporting tracks like 'Be My Constant','The Ballad of Syaid Jarrah' ( "a head hunter, a prime lover, break dancing moves so sick they kill....Siiiiiiiiiii-eeeeeed!") and 'We're Goin' Home', ("Jack can't trust nobody but himself, and Hurley's quickly losing touch with his mental health, Locke's gotta toss another corpse upon the shelf, Still, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, we're going home!") it's the perfect gift for that friend your not allowed to call Thursday nights at 10pm.
Check it Out!

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