Last Night: Shwayze at El Corazón

Shwayze mimics his actions before, after and (surprisingly) not during the show.

Who: Shwayze with Cisco Adler and DJ Skeet Skeet
Where: El Corazón
When: Tuesday, December 2

About halfway through the show, Shwayze sidekick Cisco Adler made a revelation: "This song is about smokin' weed and makin' love -- what else is there?"

That offhand statement perfectly defines Shwayze. Most of the time the duo raps about girls and weed, but their lighthearted SoCal vibe is upbeat and a very welcome break from the drizzle of a Seattle winter.

Unfortunately, the audience didn't get the message; I decided to leave the pit when the girl directly to my right got rocked with a fist to the face. That was (at least) the third fight of the night, a statistic that might've had something to do with the impressive state of inebriation of the crowd. But that state was matched by the performers, so life -- and the show -- went on.

Shwayze and Adler covered almost all of the self-titled debut album, and played some tracks off the new Rich Girls Mixtape (available for free here) including a pretty sick cut laid out over Tegan and Sara's "Walking With A Ghost" guitar riff called "Boomerang" that I highly recommend.

All in all, the kid can flow. Though the trio might live up their goofy image and the rock star life of booze and groupies, there's undeniably a whole lot of musical talent under the surface.

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