Josh Groban Makes Me Fall in Love with Christmas Music All Over Again


After a week or so of soprano sax Ave Maria covers, synthesized Jingle Bells and crooning White Christmas (I know, heresy, I don't care). I was ready ready to vomit if I walked into one more Starbucks and its interminable string of tacky Christmas music. And it's only Dec. 2.

The thing is, good Christmas music is, to my humble ears, the best thing ever invented. Two straight Messiah performances? Bring it on. 25 straight days of high school girls choir performances at every nursing home and fancy restaurant in Spokane? I relished every second in my ill-fitting dress. But there's so much crap out there, it's easy to lose the Christmas spirit after a few seconds in Westlake.

So when I heard the first strains of O Come All Ye Faithful on my iPod I almost turned it off in disgust. But this was no James Taylor holiday cover. I'd forgotten loading Josh Groban's Noel on last year and it was up next on the playlist.

That silky baritone, gorgeous locks (he's way hotter in person than the above CD cover suggests), obvious commitment to the music itself. Swoon! Suddenly I'm filled with that holiday spirit those stupid Target commercials seem to have in spades.

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