TV on the Radio: "Pyramid Scheme?"


I'm actually a fan of TV on the Radio, but this post on Hipster Runoff is simply hysterical. I particularly appreciate the use of "serious-core." Jesus. This is pretty choice too:

"TV on the Radio is also one of those Radiohead-esque bands where you don't know what the hell they are talking about, but you get the sense that it is 'relevant commentary on a metaphorical level that isn't worth questioning.' They sort of remind me of a band of 'intellectual dropouts who rope you into a conversation about modern issues to prove that they didn't need an education 2 stay informed/cultured.'" 

As I said, I like "Wolf Like Me" as much as the next gal. For some reason, TOTR's label is just now sending me a copy of Dear Science (it truly arrived in the mail just today), so other than hearing it on the radio, I haven't really absorbed it yet. But regardless of all that, the HR post is just hysterical. Go read it, now.

Hipster Runoff has introduced some competition to the man I've always considered the master of this stripe of music criticism: Chunklet founder Henry Owings. I'm actually starting to wonder if this sort of writing is the only kind I can really enjoy anymore. 

Of course, this can't be entirely true--there are still too many sharp minds out there that prefer to cultivate the humorless side of critical thinking. But after the cumulative years of Pitchfork exposure, SXSW attendance, regretful trips to Idolator (I swear I always end up navigating away from that site out of boredom or nausea), and being caught in the crossfire of one too many critical circle jerks over Deerhunter or Sufjan Stevens or fucking Girltalk, I am exhausted with people who take their snark so damn seriously. Or maybe I'm just feeling nostalgic for the time I got on an Austin-bound plane for SXSW and saw at least half a dozen people reading this.

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