If you're a regular reader of Jezebel , Bitch Magazine's blog , feministing, Pitchfork, or hell, The Guardian (feminist: it's not a dirty word. The


Amanda Palmer's Belly Gets Censored: Vive La Rebellyon!

If you're a regular reader of Jezebel, Bitch Magazine's blog, feministing, Pitchfork, or hell, The Guardian (feminist: it's not a dirty word. The more you know, etc), you may have already seen this video for "Leeds United," which shows-- gasp! -- Amanda Palmer's healthy belly underneath that super-sexy open coat.  Well, some nimrod A&R guy at Roadrunner Records told her, "I'm a guy, Amanda. I understand what people like."

Well, see, Mr. Shitbreath, obviously, you don't know what "people" like, especially Amanda Palmer's fans, who like her because they are obviously not interested in seeing some emaciated cookie cutter blonde prance around fueled by Diet Coke and lettuce.  That's why they've started sending in photos of your own bellies to a website the fans started, which they've dubbed The Rebellyon.

Also, this Roadrunner is not exactly the epitome of taste. No, this label's brilliant A&R people deemed it fit to sign unbelievably terrible bands like Slipknot and Nickelback, both groups that will make any top ten worst "rock" bands list I ever pen in my lifetime.  What disgusts me most about these corporate asswipes who market these so-called "alternative" bands with all the tattoos and piercings and whatnot is this: this label, and other labels like it, are the furthest thing from "alternative." They are simply co-opting an image and a subculture in order to sell albums, and it is downright disgusting. What would be really alternative is if they let Amanda Palmer show her belly, which is not fat, and make albums that she as an artist is satisfied with.  Oh, and she's performing here at Showbox at the Market on Thursday, December 11, so make sure to show your love (and your bellies!) at the show.  Tours are where the recording artists themselves make a lot, if not the majority, of their income, last I checked.      

Amanda Palmer, you deserve better than Roadrunner Records, and I would rather personally walk up to you and hand you my 15 bucks or whatever your album costs than give those jerkoffs a dime of my money.  The label, apparently, refused her request to be dropped, and is giving it until June to decide whether or not they want to keep her.  Until then, she's basically trapped.  Such is the sorry state of the recording industry today.  Best of luck, Amanda!   Give 'em hell!

Love, a size 9 fatty who loves her own chubby belly

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