A (very) few words with the Sword


The Sword is opening for Metallica tonight. Last time they were in town, they played Neumo's, so seeing them this time at Key Arena is going to be quite the mind fuck (and by the way, their set time is friggin' 7 pm, so you're gonna want to get there early to catch their jump to the big stage). I spoke with drummer Trivett Wingow briefly this weekend via email and the guys sounds over the moon, which is understandable, if mildly off-putting. Here's what he had to say:

What is the best lesson you've learned touring with Metallica? 

Avoid flying commercial whenever possible.  It's way more convenient to have your own jet.  If Lars offers to let you fly on the jet instead of riding on your stinky bus, opt for the jet every time.
What is most disappointing or disillusioning?

The realization that money CAN buy you happiness.

There is a striking difference between being a blue collar struggling band from Austin and going on eastern Europe arena rock tour, however, some things never change. What do you hold tight as the key components of quality metal? 

Key ingredients:  the right riffs played to the right beats by the right dudes.

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