Would You Pay $103 For Front Row Tickets To See...Fall Out Boy?

ExCUSE me, KISS FM? What are you playing at? We're in a recession and you're charging $103 for front row tickets when your headliner is FALL OUT BOY? Jingle Bell Bash? Try Jingle Ball Busting. And $33 for regular Joe tickets is still too much for a crappy (but inexplicably popular) band. Even if I liked Fall Out Boy, I wouldn't pay that much money for the front row unless CSNY did another reunion tour or one of these people came back from the dead (in no particular order):

1) Joe Strummer

2) Tupac

3) Mac Dre

4) Elliott Smith

5) Johnny and June Carter Cash (together. I wouldn't have it any other way.)

In which case front row seats would cost more like $10,000 and none of us journalism salary plebes would be able to get anywhere near the venue, let alone go inside. But oh man, zombie Strummer! I'd totally eat Ramen for three months straight to see that. The subsequent hospitalization for malnutrition would be totally worth it.

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