Matt Sullivan, Co-Owner Light In the Attic Records

We here at Reverb get tired of our own opinions. As a result, we'll be asking local


What Do You Recommend: Matt Sullivan


Matt Sullivan, Co-Owner Light In the Attic Records

We here at Reverb get tired of our own opinions. As a result, we'll be asking local folks for a list of things they've been into lately.

First up: Matt Sullivan of Light In the Attic Records.



My girlfriend keeps calling this the golden age of television. I thought that The Wire couldn't be topped, but the second season of Mad Men just wrapped up, and it blew my mind. Now I have nothing to do with my life until Don Draper and crew return for season three.


Being a Beach Boys freak, I'm always happy when another long lost Beach Boys-related release pops up. Sometimes they don't warrant the hype. However, this one certainly does. It's irresistible seventies power pop a la Big Star or the Beatles. The Flame were a South African band - three brothers and one friend. While in London in the late '60s, they met Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys who signed them to Brother Records. Carl produced their 1970 self-titled album. Unfortunately the album quickly vanished. Some band members ended up working with the Beach Boys in the mid-70s, while others went on to record with the Stones and the Rutles. The record has been re-released on CD and LP.


Tastiest bacon on the planet. No question. Every weekend the folks at Skagit River Ranch come down from Sedro Woolley and set up at the Ballard and U-District farmers markets. Their chicken and sausage are delicious as well, but nothing comes close to the bacon. I've never tasted bacon this good, ever. It literally melts in your mouth.


All of us at my house are too cheap to get cable so it was a godsend when my roommate Tim picked up one of those new antenna-to-HD converter boxes. We've gone from 6 channels to almost a dozen. The best part though is the addition of RTN (Retro Television Network). Every week night from 7pm to 11pm we've got... Knight Rider, A-Team, Incredible Hulk, Magnum PI, and Simon & Simon (quite possibly the best television theme song ever made - Initially, we only watched the first three shows (quickly nicknamed "The Triple Threat"). However, it's now morphed into five hours of bad, classic TV. As a kid, I hated Magnum PI. I never understood Magnum's strange humor. Maybe it was my sixth grade home-ec teacher Mrs. Fortner who had a big crush on Tom Selleck. There was a giant poster in our classroom of Tom. She couldn't get enough of that manly stash, the short shorts, and those baggy Hawaian shirts. Well, skip forward twenty years and I think I finally understand Magnum. I'm now finding myself surfing the web reading about specific shows from the series. Last week Annie Potts made a guest appearance. Life is looking good. Check out this Magnum PI fan site: Maybe this isn't the golden age of television after all.


A few weeks back I finally saw the band live for the first time. One of my favorite shows of the year. They've got the best drummer on the planet. She plays as if every moment will be her last. At the show, she climbed up on a bar table and violently banged a gong with an empty pint glass. The set was a beautiful mess. If they can somehow translate the madness of the live show to tape, it should be one of the better albums of '09.


This has gotta be one of my top twenty albums of all time. The storytelling is like nothing else. Like the best albums do, after each listen you make a new discovery. Newman sings about hard times in the south in the early to mid 20th century involving weird characters and surreal places and events. The song "Wedding in Cherokee County" always gives me goosebumps. Johnny Horn turned me on to the record from the song "Guilty" with Newman's sad tale of hitting both the bottle and the cocaine until he gets back in her arms again. A couple years back, Johnny and I recorded Andre Williams doing a cover of "Guilty" which Andre took to an entirely new place - like only Andre can. The project has been going on and on for over five years now. I'm praying it gets finished one day.


New tapas bar in Ballard at 24th & Market - down from Sonic Boom and Hazlewood. Little plates of heavenly food inspired by the cuisine of Spain, and lots of tasty drinks. The Sangria is always good, so is the Dark & Stormy. For food, try the Chorizo de la Mancha (Spanish chorizo, garlic, and fried egg), Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes, aioli, and spicy brava sauce), and the Hongos de Jerez (sherried mushrooms, arugula, and toast).


A few years back, this Nottingham, UK band sent us the coolest demo we ever got. Breezy vocals, beautiful tones, and lush production. The demo was sent on this 6" x 12" cardboard piece - about the size of a license plate. The CD was on one side while the back showed these mysterious photos of the band. I'm always a sucker for packaging so this one truly stood out. They just finished recording their first full length which lands in early 2009. Like the original demo, it sounds excellent. Their gracious manager Martin and his lovely lady Hazel live on an old narrow boat in London. The boat is about 5 feet wide by 70 feet long. The logo from the Small Faces album Ogden's Nut Gone Flake ( is painted on the side of the boat. Last January, Josh and I crashed on the boat for a few days after Midem. I miss them and that boat.


Best damn tacos in town. They're located in Wallingford on 45th (in the Winchell's parking lot, next to Dick's and Golden Oldies (tell them to get bring the New Arrivals section back!)). The tacos with al pastor are to die for. I only wish their taco trunk was next to our office. I think we'd all die and go to heaven.

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