What are you listening to?


What Are You Listening To?

Name: Jason S. (“I’m going to be secretive.”)

Occupation: Bartender, just started working at 500 Mercer

Where and When: bus stop on Spring and 1st, Friday afternoon

What Are You Listening To?

Kardinal Offishall: Bring the Fire Out

What Else?

It’s on random. Whatever comes up, but it’s all rap.

Is there a favorite album or song on your iPhone?

The Game: Gentleman’s Affair and Color Me Badd.

Why Are You Listening To This?

Music changes my mood…there’s ‘get you up’ tempos and ‘calm you down’ tempos.

Here’s a list of some of Jason’s musical choices, and the artists’ most recent albums:

Color Me Badd: Awakening (1998)

Kardinal Offishall: Not For Sale (2008)

The Game: LAX (2008)

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