Watch Your... Cowboy Mouth

Watch Your.... Cowboy Mouth


Photo: Jessep Bangham

"If The Neville Brothers and The Clash had a baby, it would be Cowboy Mouth", claims lead singer/drummer Fred LeBlanc.

Never been to a Cowboy Mouth show? Be prepared! Last year, I had a chance to see them play The Tractor Tavern. Midway through the show I was singled out by LeBlanc for not clapping loud enough. "You, in the blue shirt! Clap harder and move forward". LeBlanc, tipping the scale at 250 lbs drenched in sweat, jumped off stage and pushed me toward the front. I was sure that I had my clapping down at their sold out show Monday night at The Tractor Tavern.

LeBlanc has a way of keeping the audience in the palm of his hand throughout the show. Half way through the second song, he tells the crowd to hug the person next to them (knowing fully that you will probably bump into or step on them during the show). People are jumping up and down, clapping, stomping and singing along to the bands catchy lyrics.

"The song "Everybody Loves Jill", the band sings "She drives a red car, Drives her red hat, She's got a red door, Plays with her red cat, She's got a red light, That lights up her red room, She eats her red cake, With my favorite red spoon" (the crowd hurls red plastic spoons at the stage).

Twenty bucks a head in this economy? No problem if you're Cowboy Mouth.

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