2 Live Crew "Shake a Lil Somethin." In my opinion, this is downright tame compared to the shit on MTV nowadays. (insert crotchety grandma monologue


Tonight's Show Suggestions Will Remove Your Pants

2 Live Crew "Shake a Lil Somethin." In my opinion, this is downright tame compared to the shit on MTV nowadays. (insert crotchety grandma monologue here)

2 Live Crew, Mad Rad, Champagne Champagne, Jay Barz, DJ Money D, hosted by Sonny Bonoho, at Nectar, 9 p.m., $10

I hesitated to endorse this show. For all I know, some irate feminist (and by the way, I consider myself one of those) will rip me a new one for saying that this might be worth seeing. Because I've seen 2 Live Crew, uh, live, and the word "nasty" does not even begin to describe the freaky sideshow that awaits you at Nectar tonight. The raunchy rhymes that made 2 Live Crew such a scandalous sensation back in the day are NOTHING compared to the in-flesh 2 Live Crew experience. And there will be flesh. Stripper flesh. Lots of it. Which is why I had to talk about the show even though it's basically like going to a strip club with live hip hop: because it's a total spectacle. A lady-demeaning spectacle, sure, but a spectacle nonetheless. And anyone who listens to hip hop should know that 2 Live Crew got famous pretty much BECAUSE they went to court to defend their right to be, if not obscene, vulgar.

So...attend at your own risk. Especially if you're a female, because this show will be crawling with horny dudes, guaranteed. Whatever you're packing in the pants, you should also know that if you stand up front, there's a chance that you'll be pulled onstage and given a lap dance. In public. If this prospect frightens you, stay in the back or stay home.

Also, if anyone feels like weighing in on this, lay it on me: is it embarrassing if you get a boner when you're in this public lap dance situation? Or is it more embarrassing NOT to get a boner? At the end of the day, I just hope the women who dance for the Crew get what they deserve: a fat paycheck.

ANYway, more Friday night show suggestions after the jump...

Dungen, Women, Matthew and the Arrogant Six at Chop Suey, 9 p.m., $12 adv, $14 dos

Michael Alan Goldberg on Dungen...but I should add that psychedelic four-piece Women, whose recent release was recorded by Chad VanGaalen, is pretty good too.

The brainchild of Swedish singer and multi-instrumentalist Gustav Ejstes, Dungen is a psych-rock juggernaut that affixes the kind of ear-searing guitar fuzz propagated by the likes of Hendrix and Mascis to delicate flute-piano-strings passages reminiscent of vintage Scandinavian porn soundtracks (or maybe an Air album). In the studio, Ejstes -- further influenced by free jazz, soul, and traditional Swedish folk music -- plays virtually all of the instruments, but onstage Dungen transforms into a quartet for maximum psychedelic transcendence. They-re not on a rock-star trip, though. "I have been a really, really bad stage person," Ejstes recently told me. "I'm not into music for being looked at, I'm not into it for some kind of fame, but at the same time it's totally amazing to play and then see peoples' reactions. Those nights when the crowd is into it, we're all a part of it together and it's incredible."

The Helio Sequence, Pale Pacific, Tu Fawning at Neumos, 8 p.m., $13

Intern Nick Feldman wrote this for our SP20 guide:

A two-piece originally from Beaverton, Ore., Helio Sequence has been with Sub Pop for four years despite a history that goes back nearly a decade (or longer). Singer/guitarist Brandon Summers and drummer/keyboardist Benjamin Weikel met in middle school, formed the band in 1999, and self-produced three albums before signing with the Seattle label. Following the 2004 label-switch, and after half a year of constant touring, Summers' doctor expressly forbade him from singing for almost two months. The lead singer actually had to consider life without the band. That was enough of a shock for him to knuckle down, drink bottles of Throat Coat, and vow to work his ass off. Their latest Sup Pop release, January's Keep Your Eyes Ahead, was the result of that newfound drive. It's nearly impossible to categorize the Helio Sequence sound, between the electronic tinges, pedal effects and eerie acoustic tracks. However it's depicted, one thing's certain-- it's well thought out, hard worked-for, and all their own.

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